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The Danish Supplier for PipeMakers.

Welcome to Hermann's Web-Shop, the supplier of all materials for making Smoking Pipes.

Since 1950 - WebShop since 2005.

Briar, Pipe-Start-Kit, Moulded Mouthpieces, Semi-handmade Mouthpieces, Handmade Mouthpieces, Vulcanite (Ebonite black, Cumberland black and red), Acrilic, Bamboo, Sterlingsilver in rods and rings, Brassrings, rings of Titanium, Repairerings, Coulors, Polish Wax and Disc - All what you need for making a Smoking Pipe.

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A Søren Eric Andersen classic with 3 mm silverring
Vægt: 36 gram, længde: 145 mm, Tobekskammer: Ø18 mm, Højde: 36,5 mm, Diameter hoved: 40,5 mm, Pibespidsen: Ø13,5x75 mm, Bid: 17,5 mm bred og 4 mm tyk.
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Price USD 790,00 (EUR 529,49)

Tuesday on 16 January 2018

Roe deer Hunters Pipe from BARI
Blasted roe deer hunters Pipe, rehbuck on both sides of the boule
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Price USD 590,00
 (EUR 395,44)

Klassisk Lovat from Søren Eric Andersens hand
Nice Lovat model with 3,5 mm wide sterlingsilverring og god Crossgrain, birdseye at the sides. It's a klassisk perl from the master himself.
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Price USD 850,00
 (EUR 569,71)

Your own Pipe after your drawing, w/moulded stem,
Made after your drawing or picture. Semihandmade mouthpiece cost extra. + Price for semihandmade mouthpiece minus DKK 12,00 (US$ 2.40)
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Price USD 56,00
 (EUR 37,53)

Helmer Thomsen Stand Up
With a very good grain. Virgin. Good balance. Nice birdseye at top and bottom
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Price USD 1.290,00
 (EUR 864,61)

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